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Superconductor that is superconductive at room temperature

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    What's the possibility of developing a superconductor that is superconductive at room temperature?
    Developing such superconductor would be a very significant scientific advancement and will certainly change out lives.
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    Re: Superconductors

    No one knows.

    We do not yet even understand the mechanism for high-temperature superconductivity, so whether or not it is possible to push Tc to higher tempeatures is unknown.

    Also, e.g. the pnictides have only been around for a few years, and ther discovery shows that it is possible that there are families of superconductors that are yet to be discovered.
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    Re: Superconductors

    I'm starting my science degree next year and was thinking about doing physics and specialising in superconductivity for post graduate studies.
    Will do the bachelor first and then decide :)
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