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Algebra Supplementary Problems for Zariski/Samuel's Commutative Alg.

  1. Feb 18, 2017 #1
    Dear teachers,

    I am curious if you know some good books that have problems well supplemented to "Commutative Algebra I-II" by Zariski/Samuel. I am really enjoying it, but it does not have any exercise, leaving me to try coming up with my own problems (it is fun to do, but I would like to solve some concrete problems too). Essentially, I would like books that contain a lot of problems about commutative algebra to supplement Zariski/Samuel (I am not planning to read those supplementary books).

    Also, is it a good idea to read a book in the computational commutative algebra along with Zariski/Samuel? I am very interested in studying Grobner basis, which Z/S does not have.
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    Does it have similar flow as Z/S? If they cover topics in different arrangement or viewpoints, then the problem sets might not really suit the chapters well.
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    I don't know Z/S so I can't tell. It's a standard textbook on commutative rings.
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    Do every exercise in Atiyah-Macdonald. Alternatively, you could look at Eisenbud's book
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    I am using Z/S and A/M. I do not like Eisenbud; it is very verbose.
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