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Surface Integration of vector tensor product

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    It may be trivial to many of you, but I am struggling with the following integral involving two spheres i and j separated by a distance mod |rij|

    ∫ ui (ρ).[Tj (ρ+rij) . nj] d2ρ

    The integration is over sphere j. ui is a vector (actually velocity of the fluid around i th sphere)
    and Tj (p+rij) is a tensor over the j th sphere. nj is the unit normal on the surface of jth sphere.

    I am thinking of doing it by integration by parts. But I am not sure if I can use the same formula for product of two functions in this case as well. Can someone help me? If I can write the correct formula for integration by parts, the rest I should be able to do.

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    This link might be helpful. :wink:
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