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Surface Strength

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    What I'm trying to do is determine the surface strength of a material. I'm not sure if Barlow's formula would apply, as it's not a tube, but rather a flat surface. The pressure will be exerted on a particular spot on the flat surface. How can I calculate this?

    For the record, I'm asking about aluminum foil, but I would like to know a general formula, if you will, for different materials.

    Thanks in advance
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    I presume you're looking for the contact stress. The strength of the material is a material property.


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    Would this apply to pressure as well, instead of another object pushing on the material?
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    As in fluid pressure like a water jet?

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    As in air pressure
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    Define what you mean by surface strength.

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    How much pressure will it be able to take before it is broken.

    Have you ever heard of a burst disk? This is a "valve" that will open at a certain amount of pressure. I'm trying to determine if there is any formula for calculating the pressure needed to open a burst disk. The material is not set, and neither is the diameter of the burst disk surface (which would be the surface I am trying to determine the strength of).

    I've been searching and trying to figure this out for a while now, but everything I come across, just leads to a dead end.

    I, sir, do apologize. I should have been more clear earlier.
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