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Courses Taking full course load with labs -NEED GUIDANCE

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    Hi everyone, I'm planning to major in chemistry double minoring in physics and math. Next year I'm registered for a full course load (5 courses) each comes with a lab 3 hours long (except one which is 2hrs). These are all second year courses and they cover material I've never heard of. The courses are organic, analytical, and physical chemistry, modern physics, and calc 3. My question is is this doable? I know I'll have to work hard but have you been through the same experience and do you have any advice? Or will my grades suffer?
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    Calculus has a lab?

    Labs vary enormously from university to university and course to course. I think this is a case where your advisor is a valuable resource.
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    I think it depends on you as a student. Do you have a job? Do you procrastinate or do you get all your work done soon? Do you sometimes feel confused even after putting in way more effort than you feel others do or do you catch on a little faster than other people? Are you an A student or are you ok with scoring Cs?

    If you answered the less stressful route on many of these questions, you should be fine.
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    You described the exact courseload of a second-year chemistry major in Canada, plus the modern physics. So if you're already a pretty good student, just think of it as taking one extra course. Shouldn't be too bad.
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    I took 20 credit hours last semester, took care of a child, and I work 40 hours a week. If I can do it then I'm sure you can.
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    Physical chemistry with organic, physics and analytical? Are you in the U.S.? Those courses are usually pre-reqs for physical chemistry. If you have no job or any serious obligations and don't care too much if a grade or two have the possibility of slipping, then go for it.
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    and yes I am in Canada.
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    I'm an EE major, and I took 4 electronics courses with labs on top of Calc II this term. Sometimes the lab reports pile up. I have a 2 year old and work part-time as well. The best advice I can give is constantly try to get ahead of the homework. It will be a challenge depending on whatever else is going on in your life but as long as you don't slip into that group of people who turn things in late you'll be fine.
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    How in the **** is that possible? - pardon my asterisks. lol.
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    I'm enrolled at a local Community College. English Comp. II, Chem. II w/Lab, Physics II w/Lab, Cal. I & II, and Sociology.
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    Well, there's no way I could ever do anything like that.
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    wait so are you first year or second?

    and.. modern physics? so early?
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