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Talk about electrons, double slit, interface patterns

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    :surprised Hello everyone. Very nice forum you have here. I came here to ask if someone can give me a few pointers on Physics. I am totally lost here. I found this page http://www.ictshirts.com/t-shirt/122/quantum-physics-electron-double-slit.htm and they talk about electrons, double slit, interface patterns. It's all very interesting but very confusing too! Can someone explain it to me?
    Thanks all :blushing:
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    I would not use that site for learning about the 2-slit. They seem to think observing electrons with "weaker" light can change its quantum property, among other rather dubious things.

    You may want to search PF in the Quantum Physics forum for everything that has been discussed on the 2-slit experiment.

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    Hi ZapperZ, is my post in the right thread? If it's not can you move it? Sorry, just reeling over that page. It's really deep stuff!
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    quoted from the site-

    "Quantum Physics is the 'Uber' physics in that it becomes philosophical. Einstein was more of a philosopher than anything, and that's why he loved Quantum Physics."

    I'd recommend you stay away from material of this subject matter written by liberal arts majors.
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    Just a question... Not so important, just at a curiosity.

    Does Einstein really like QF?? Wasn`t that he who said something like:
    "God does not dice" against QF`s probability stuff?
    Correct me if I`m wrong.
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