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Teachers who shouldn't be teachers

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.kimatv.com/news/local/43493427.html [Broken]
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    If one of my children attended that school, prior to disciplinary action, I'd request the teacher appear before all of the parents, teachers and administrators of the school district to explain their actions and answer all questions posed.
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    That certainly wasn't the way to deal with the situation.

    I do think that this child had probably been disrupting the classroom for some time. The parents were probably aware of the child's behavior.

    Their are few options for a teacher to manage difficult children. Spanking was forbidden a long time ago and replaced with the time out room. It was then decided that the time out room may damage the child's self image. We now have the time out chair separated from the rest of the class.

    The time out chair can not face a corner.

    My wife is an early childhood education consultant. I have heard some pretty wild stories about the antics of young children, and how they were remediated.

    The scoop of poop is a new one. The teacher should be fired.
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    That's a new low. I'm sure that teacher will be asked to leave at the end of the year if not sooner. The kid is five... that means kindergarten. At that age children (especially boys) still have frequent toileting issues (my youngest step-son, who is in fourth grade, still has occasional nighttime issues, though they tend to be associated with nervousness -- such as when he is going to visit his biological mother or after he's seen a "scary" movie). This child clearly wasn't prepared for the expectations of school and isn't adjusting well.

    The better action would be to continually document the child's behavior's, attempt to take action with the parents to improve behavior, and hold the child back a year (with another teacher the next year) if improvement is not within a given range. The kid's obviously on the younger side of the average in his class... holding him back a year for behavior wouldn't be damaging to his ego at this early point in his education... and probably won't even be much noticed by his peers in the future.
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    I don't get all the fuss about this being a "behavioral" issue. The article makes it sound like he simply isn't potty-trained, far from a behavioral issue in my mind. It is sick though. The teacher is pretty stupid though. I mean come on... really? Were they asleep during their courses on not being a moron when he/she was becoming a teacher?
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    This is not just shocking and wrong, but also unhygienic...yuck! I agree, this teacher should not be a teacher if this is the only way she could figure out how to handle a problem of a 5 year old pooping in the wrong place. Maybe she's also not allowing the kids to get up and use the bathroom when they need it for all we know. But, EVEN IF the kid was being spiteful and it wasn't just an accident, you don't send his poop home with him! That's when you call the principal in, or a school counselor, and call a meeting with the parents to meet with all of them, or perhaps require the child get checked by a pediatrician. Maybe he's having problems adjusting to school, maybe he has some form of developmental delay that he really isn't fully potty trained, maybe he has some other disability that is leading him to make inappropriate choices (even for a 5 year old), maybe he has a physical problem that he can't control his bowels properly, maybe the teacher literally scares the s*** out of him...who knows, but the solution requires finding out. And, yes, he may need to be held back a year, or put into a special education classroom if he's not at proper developmental milestones or isn't adjusting to the regular classroom.
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    I wonder if some other incidents preceded this one... The teacher's behavior was not acceptable, but it may have been the "breaking point" for her after a long string of unresolved problems with the kid and his parents. Certainly, defecating on the floor of a classroom is not "normal" behavior even for a 5-year-old.
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    This is appalling behavior on the part of the teacher. A 5 year old is wayyy to young to treat like that.
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    I don't think that treatment is appropriate at any age.
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    Since this was apparently an on going problem, the first thing both the teacher and the parents needed to do was have a conference and rule out a medical disorder.
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    For the kid or the teacher? :rofl:
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    The kid was most likely just trying to make trouble by dropping his drawers and taking a dump in the classroom. The best way to make a kid learn is by making them feel ashamed of their own misbehavior...that's a lot more effective than traditional methods of punishment which just try to take away something that they like (such as recess). The latter form of punishment only causes the child to become more angry at the person who prescribed the punishment and make them want to get revenge, without causing them to look inwards and realize why they shouldn't have misbehaved in the first place. So I think this punishment will teach the kid a valuable lesson and probably straighten him out for a while.
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    ..........no. :rolleyes:
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    Would a 5yrs old have sense of shame? I don't know when we usually get feelings of guilt or shame (my guess is around 9).
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    Making a child feel shame is seldom used anymore. Discipline is all about positive and negative reinforcement A happy face = good. A frowning face = bad.

    And apparently this is not a first.

    http://www.redorbit.com/news/oddities/88795/teacher_sends_boy_home_with_feces_in_bag/ [Broken]
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    This reminds me of one time that I pooped in kindergarten. That is my preeminent memory from that age. I never forgot it.

    Having a teacher do this to their student at this age may cause irreparable psychological harm.

    The teacher should be spanked.

    Five year olds are not able to scheme like that. He won't do that as an antic.
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    While teacher took a stupid decision, but there's no big deal about it.

    Yes, children are harmless angels.

    I remember reading a month ago that children are becoming eccentric and over confident because of the current education system. And sometimes, they are unable to fit in the real world due to that. I don't remember the exact context.
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    Funny. I attended Kindergarten with a bunch of other kids who lived (like me) in the poorest town around. Probably half the kids lived in houses with running water. Many fewer had hot and cold running water. My family had to heat water on a cooking-range, so we had "warm" baths in the winter and cold baths in the summer. About 50% of my schoolmates had outhouses, not toilets. A couple had toilets that were flushed with water hand-pumped from the kitchen sink and lugged to the toilet with a pail.

    As in lots of very poor communities, there were plenty of fatherless families, families that were subject to domestic violence and alcoholism. Not a single child defecated on the floor, and we always said yes or no ma'am to our teachers. I always had to walk back home for lunch because my parents couldn't afford 15 cents for a hot lunch at school. Perhaps our respect for our teachers stemmed from the amenities we got at school. It was so nice to be able to have a hot shower in the winter after gym class. Heaven!!
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