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Homework Help: Technical question on integrals.

  1. Sep 3, 2006 #1


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    i have to show that:
    2) [tex]\binom{n}{k}=[(n+1)\int_{0}^{1}x^k(1-x)^{n-k}dx]^{-1}[/tex]

    for the first part i thought to use newton's binomial, i.e:
    but it didn't get me far.
    for the second part i dont have a clue, i dont think you can integrate the integral by parts or substitution can you?
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    Where'd you get stuck after using the binomial theorem? Just integrate term by term.
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    this is what i got:
    i don't know how to procceed from here.
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    yeah, i think number 2 can be worked out using integral by parts... the tabular method.
    all except the last term of the resulting series is zero when the bounds are substituted in.
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