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Techniques for Manual Assembly of Layered Coils/Windings

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    Hi everybody,

    I've been reading most literature I can find on the theory and practice of creating inductive/electromagnetic coils.

    Nearly all sources mention creating multiple layers of wound wire (often mentioning to add an insulating coating/wrapping in between), but only on source (vaguely) explained further, suggesting that the wire be bent 90°, and run perpendicular across the windings, then turned 90° again to begin the next (outer) layer on top of the previous layer... (thus placing the layers in series).

    Is this the proper method of layering windings in all cases? Which is better?:

    Not making the [itex]\geq[/itex]90° bend, and just making a fast ([itex]\approx[/itex]single) turn on the way back to the beginning, in opposition to the prevailing EM field, but avoiding the sharp bend, and avoiding the creation of a geometrically-inelegant defect under the next winding...​

    Doing, what I read, and creating a unsymmetrical lump by running the wire straight across the top...​

    Or, making a >90° bend, and making ?? number of turns back to beginning, then making another >90° in order to start winding the next layer?​

    I hope that that was not too unclear. Thank you for reading. =)
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    Welcome to the PF.

    I'm not familiar with that winding scheme. The coils that I work with are all wound in a straightforward way -- back and forth on the bobbin. If you are planning on winding a number of coils, it's worth it to buy a small manual coil winding machine, IMO.
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