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Technological engravings on Laptop

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    What these 4 logos mean on laptop?
    The second one I think is for functioning of hard disk, third one most of us know is for wifi.
    I have never seen the first and last symbol before. Anybody having idea what the logos mean?
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    Hello Raghav ! Pity you didn't mention a type number or something. Google " hp laptop user guide <type>"
    Here I found

    (5) upload_2016-2-21_14-3-0.png Memory module compartment ##\qquad## Description: Contains the memory module slots.
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    I never thought this could be found in a user guide.
    I was thinking they would be general symbols, so I not mentioned the type number.
    The type number is Pavilion m6. I found out the memory module logo from the link you provided, though you have already given the spoiler.
    I went through the Pavilion m6 service guide to find out the first symbol meaning but was not successful.
    Finally in user guide I found that it is an optical drive compartment.

    It is good to find you still in the forums.
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    same with you ! Enjoy your powerful laptop !
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