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Telepathy debate hits London

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Telepathy is the hardest "paranormal" thing for me to dismiss. I have had the experience of thinking about a person out of the blue only to have the phone ring seconds later and it be them. Recently I "knew" a person who would normally be asleep at a certain time, wasn't, and I recieved an E-Mail from her about a half minute later. These could be coincidence.

    Stories I've heard that are harder to explain are people who sence relatives are in trouble and call them only to find out it is true. Again, this could be coincidence if it happens that many, many more such calls are made that prove the fears to be groundless.

    I find these experiences and stories to be compelling, although I haven't the vaguest idea how such a thing might be possible, and wouldn't begin to try to defend its authenticity.
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