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Temperature is always high and has feve

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    there's a child in our family whose body's temperature is always high and has fever. it seems that he has no sickness but he always has fever. he can't play with other children since no child isn't good enough to play when he has fever! what's wrong with him? is it possible to have fever for no special reason?
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    What do you mean by "fever?" The average body temperature is just that, an average. Some people run a bit higher body temperature and some a bit lower than that. It's hypothesized that the set-point for body temperature is determined by a neural network involving neurons in the preoptic area, so I guess a defect of that brain region could lead to an elevated body temperature in the absence of other illness, but without knowing more, that's pretty much just a wild guess.
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    If his body temperature is higher than 100 I would start to be concerned. However if he runs between 97 and 99 he probably is fine and just functions at a higher body temperature.

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