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Tesla coil

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    i wanted to know that how can we use tesla coil on a small scale basis in day to day life.
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    Hi unmesh swar. :welcome:

    Tesla coils are interesting, and you will find that a web search turns up lots of information to assist in your quest.

    This New Members Introductions forum is not for asking technical questions, it's just for saying Hello. So this means your question is off-topic where you asked it.

    Once you have found details about the applications of Tesla coils, if you still have questions to ask, then start a new thread for your questions in our General Physics forum, and include links to the references which were incomplete in supplying the details you seek, so that we know you have done some diligent research of your own.

    Good luck with your studies!

    :warning: This thread is closed, and no replies are allowed.

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