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Aerospace Testing methods of contaminated jet fuel

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    Hi, as I've stated before I am doing research in the area of jet fuel contamination. However I have shifted my focus to methods of testing. I know many of you work in the aerospace industry. What I need to know if there are any "popular" or "standard" methods you use at your company or perhaps any other information useful on testing.

    My aim is to find out what method(s) would be suitable for private jet owners weighing factors such as cost, time, frequency of testing etc..

    Thank you for your time.
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    This is actually pretty interesting. Please post whatever results you find. Have you tried google?

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    Ah yes I forgot about that service, thank you. Sure I will post my results. What I would also like is for any engineer to give me a run-down on any tests their company uses for contamination. I have not had any luck singling out any methods to categorize within the scope of my research.

    I just need a little help narrowing things down a bit.
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    We don't test for contamination on site. It does highly depend on what kind of contamination you are referring to. We rely on the supplier to provide a product within specifications. It is our responsibility to maintain our fuel tanks and systems to prevent contamination of any kind from being introduced into our end product. Many private owners are the same way. That being said we do have many filter points in our farm system that protect our products. The biggest concern is entrained water in the fuel.

    ASTM D-1655 is the basis for Jet-A distillation and contains many of the quality control parameters for the refining of the fuel.

    ASTM has a very large volume on Aircraft fuel system quality control:
    http://www.astm.org/BOOKSTORE/PUBS/1573.htm [Broken]

    It would be time well spent to contact some local suppliers to see what their QC folks follow.
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    Sorry for my lack of being specific. But microbial (fungal,yeast, sulfur reducing...) contamination.
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