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Text waves slightly on new monitor

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    I just bought a new Acer monitor and the text, such as what I'm typing right now, is moving very slightly in a wavy motion.

    Actually, I just noticed it's only wavy in the middle part of the screen. I'll use lines to show which part it's wavy at.

    Where there is a underscores instead of dashes, that's where the text is wavy from the bottom of the screen to the top. Is something wrong with this monitor? Thanks.

    Edit: Ok I just changed the resolution, and that seems to have fixed it. Is that normal?
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    Did you change to the monitors native resolution? LCD monitors can act strange when they are not on their native resolution. Also, what kind of cable are you using with your monitor? DVI? VGA? HDMI?
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    I had similar (but not identical) problems with a VGA LCD monitor connected to DVI card (through DVI-VGA adapter). After replacing monitor with a DVI LCD, everything get back to normal.

    Which just means questions asked by KrisOnh are valid :wink:
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