Textbook for Structural Geology and Optical Mineralogy

  1. Hi guys, Please suggest a good introductory books for Structural Geology and Optical mineralogy, thanks :)
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    hi there ralden

    for optical mineralogy .....

    Optical Mineralogy Second Edition David Shelley
    Geology Department, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

    It was a required textbook for my university BSc in Geology studies

  4. Optical Mineralogy by Paul Kerr.

    I think even the most recent editions are old, but polarised light through a pyroxene still looks the same.
  5. My school requires the 23rd edition of The Manual of Mineral Science from Cornelis Klein and Barbara Dutrow. It's pretty good for mineralogy, and it's still useful for some of Petrology if you plan to take that course as well. Happy studies!
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