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Homework Help: Textbook with spring sliding, use work-energy thm to solve

  1. Feb 20, 2009 #1
    A 2.20kg textbook is forced against a horizontal spring of negligible mass and force constant 220 N/m, compressing the spring a distance of 0.270 m. When released, the textbook slides on a horizontal tabletop with coefficient of kinetic friction 0.30. Use the work-energy theorem to find how far the textbook moves from its initial position before coming to rest.

    The answer is 1.2m. Can someone help me solve?


    My attempt was:

    change in KE + change in Elastic potential energy = -friction x distance
    0 + (-0.5k(x^2)) = - 0.30(mg)(L)
    L = 2.48m
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  3. Feb 20, 2009 #2
    Oh. I had a careless mistake!!! Ahh. Okay i know le. Haha Thanks.
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