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News The Blog post that started Memogate (LINK)

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    The discovery of the document fraud as it happened! Scroll down to post 47, which shows the initial 09/08/2004 discovery that something is amiss with the CBS docs – The poster is a lawyer who goes by the Internet moniker "Buckhead." I assume "Buckhead" is now a conservative internet legend. Go to the site and read the thread ffrom 47 on as posters begin to understand what has just been discovered and the implications.


    Here's the famous (or infamous) Post 47

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    This June, The Post That Rocked The World. Head To Your Theaters To See "post 47"! Starring Fabio As Buckhead. Rated Pg.
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    I do like the term "Fraudcasters."

    Here is an interesting line from the Blog:

    "I noticed something related that may or may not have been brought up yet. Whenever the forger writes 1st Lt Bush or 147th or anything like that, it's always 1 st or 147 th. It looks like the forger put the space in on purpose to get by the automatic superscripting, but missed a couple."

    I think he may be right.

    Here is the shockwave demo that pretty much nails it:

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