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The Causes of Lightning

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    This thread is to discuss the physics behind the causes/effects of lightning from a basic science point of view.
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    Can someone begin to explain the actual steps at a molecular/electronic level of how lightning strikes form and "are carried through."
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    What research have you done on this? What do you know already?
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    indeed, I'm not going to write a whole lot of stuff only to find that either A - you already know or B - you could find in a 5 minute search on google

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    I know the downward step consists of (negatively charged) electrons but the upward streamers consists of positively charged... What? No one explains that piece. No one.
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    Baloney. You should not come here with both barrels blazing until you are sure of your facts. Uman explains the return stroke on pages 7 and 8 of his book. If you Google "lightning return stroke" you get 620,000 hits. Including Wikipedia. So don't go complaining to Steam King.
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    Stevmg, please do some reading on the subject then if you still have specific questions on something you don't understand, then you can try to form a better thread.
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