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News The death of an American hero

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hugh Thompson Jr. died of cancer last Friday. His is a story worth knowing - he and a few others were the heroes of My Lai. And heroes they were...


    The Heroes of My Lai
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    I read the links you provided. It made for very interesting reading. It shows how little things really change when the same excuses trotted out then ranging from simple denial to "this was just an isolated incident" are still the first line of defence used by politicians and the military today and that those who raise such issues are unamerican or even traitors.

    It's scandalous that even when eventually the facts were unearthed only one person was convicted and even he was pardoned shortly afterwards.
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    well, long time narrow-minded immigrants usually think they are on the horizons of modern world. The writer is one of them, just a guess.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Would you care to explain yourself? And I don't know where you come off about immigrants. The "writers" were, the people involved, and 60 Minutes, which interviewed the men who were there, and a survivor.
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    A good link, Ivan - this story just goes to show that individuals can overcome the constraints of the situation they are in and behave like normal human beings against all odds. Now I wonder what happened to Thompson's "human nature" there - his selfish interest in nothing but his own self-preservation? (This question is not, of course, addressed to you, Ivan, but to all those who do not believe in the potential for human beings to behave altruistically and in the interests of their fellow humans).
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