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The Einstein-Hapgood Papers, Crustal Shift

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    From: http://www.lauralee.com/rflemath/e-h.htm [Broken]

    I know people have used this theory to explain myths of ancient civilizations and dinosaurs in the Lock Ness etc... However, when we strip away the automatic reactions to the ideas exchanged between Dr. Einstein and Mr. Hapgood and look at the theory in terms of "global warming", the, as yet, poorly explained cycle of "ice ages" and wandering magnetic poles, the theory tends to offer an explaination for many of the conditions which have occured over the milenia, on earth.

    I will try to dig up Einstein's foreword for Hapgoods book and see if I can find detailed and sound explainations of Hapgood's theory. Please feel free to help out with this task on your own. Thank you.
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    This is probably better placed in S&D. Newton dabbled in alchemy --- Einstein dabbles in geo-quackery? Kinda doubt it --- he wasn't that incompetent a physicist. Chase it a bit --- 'magine you'll find that the A. E. letters are forgeries.
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