The future methods of generating electricity?

  1. Two main methods of generating electricity that I know off, and that are common:
    1 ) Magnets & Coils
    2 ) Solar cells.

    The only two methods! What do you all think are the possibile future methods?
    Are we close? Is there something you recommend me of look at?
    I was just thinking of how limited we are in generating electricity, and wondering when the day comes where we are not!

    So what do you all think?!

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  3. sophiecentaur

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    Did you forget the Chemical Method (batteries)?
  4. Ow yes! Totally slipped my mind.
    But other than that! What do you think is possibile in the future? Or what are some project/ideas/theories are being worked at now?
  5. sophiecentaur

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    On a very small sscale, you have piezoelectric and triboelectric generation - but don't imagine you could run your car on them!
    The other one would be magnetohydrodynamics which, given a massive source of high energy ions, could be 'a goer'.
    Wiki can help you with all three.
  6. russ_watters

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    The other chemical method: fuel cells.

    And thermoelectrics.
  7. sophiecentaur

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    How about Hamster Wheels, too?
  8. SteamKing

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    No. Hamster wheels are prime movers, unless you have electrified hamsters running inside a magnetic cage.
  9. sophiecentaur

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    I'd have the RSPCA down on me like a ton of bricks.
  10. AVE Where an artificial tornado is created with generators at the in let ports just google Atmospheric Vortex Engine
  11. There is also cold fusion
  12. Fusion alone, cold or not, doesnt generate electricity. If you want electricity from fusion you need magnets and conductors, like always.
  13. sophiecentaur

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    Magnetohydrodynamics? You could get yourself a plasma easily enough with fusion - but then I suppose the fusion wouldn't be 'cold'.
  14. Maybe. I might just think of that as an exotic form of magnetic fields and conductors though.
  15. Thanks for the info. ModusPwnd your right unless you can capture free electrons. maybe??? I guess not as conductiors are still needed. again thanks
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  16. In fusion, it should be possible to get the hot helium atoms to flow against a voltage gradient and run into an electrode. The electrons would be steered toward another electrode. This would convert helium kinetic energy into DC electricity fairly directly. You wouldn't need turbines and a heat exchanger.
  17. Ow very very interesting methods!
  18. Yet, do you all think the magnet + conductor method will be replaced? I mean something else would be more useful and sufficient?

    The future always has promising innovation, but I personally believe this method will stick with us for a very long time.
  19. Thanks guy for all of your responses it has been very enlightening. uncle bob
  20. I haven't seen thermocouples mentioned.
  21. sophiecentaur

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    Yep. You've got it about right, I think. Unless we ever have a surfeit of lemons with zinc and carbon rods.
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