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The idea of god, faith, and existance

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    So through my life i have been through very unusual events.... dayshavoo, preminitions, control of dreams (lucid dreams), and other nitches not understood by science yet. i believe iv made a way for EVERYONE to be satisfied with what ever they "BELIEVE".

    First you have to ask the question that all athiests probably ask.... Where did god come from.... answer UNKOWN..... but when you think about the idea of god befor he made the universe, you have to agree his inatimate, just a energy, more or less just consciousness. try to invision if you were god... only your consciousness exsists... only your mind is real... imagine what that would be like, how you would try to comprehend your own exsistance... then after who knows how long of trying to figure that out.. the understanding of purpose and developing your own answer to your existance.... NO answer is wrong because no one is to tell you your wrong.... MAYBE he tried to create other world universes and BEINGS befor us and failed befor making a perfect world with a beggining and end that he developed... technically we are just a creation of gods mind.... a perfect understanding of existance... thnk about your dreams.... you control everything in there even though you dont think about it yet everything seems as real as the real world.... you technically would be playing god ( in perspective of this theory).

    Now the understanding that you have created everything in this dream everything you see and everything you dont.... the question of what really exists in your dream comes into play... yet if trying to figure it out in your dream you will realise yes everything exsists cuz if you think about it... it will be.... and everything that is because of you... the idea god knows all present past and future can now be grasped... he may not know what is really gonna happen but if he so chooses he can change the situation to his likeing... thus the idea of how he knows the future...

    Going back to the idea of god as consciousness... we all are here cuz he chose to make it so.... what we believe is a subconscious of his mind cuz we all do not believe the same thing.... yet because we can think it and because our thoughts are apart of gods mind... and gods mind created the answer of his exsistance which is us.. and his answer has no WRONG.... then none of us are wrong... our befliefs define us.... who we our effects others and so on.... and thats what makes the world go round... good and bad..... basically no one is completely wrong because we are able to learn from eachother.... and develope new ideas... that may sway the balance... but balance is only understood by us if we understand that everyone holds a piece to the puzzel of why we are here... and we are pieces to gods puzzel of why he is there..... now if you would go full circle and understand there is an opposit cinsciousness, state of mind and belief, for every single person which makes this world sustain... which makes belief belief and not fact.. even god has a opposite, a contradiction, the devil, then understand this contradiction.... GOD ( #1) created US (#2) what would the contradiction of that be../............. that 2 created one.... and in that aspect when we believe fully in our faith then at the end of time... (big bang theory... this now ties in atheists) when space comes in on ourselves.... our believe in the next life creates the one being that can make the afterlife wich is god.... and the circle starts again. now christains espescially will be like god promises a better life... maybe an oportunity... and that opportunity will be decided by god and what he does with you an the next go around..... cuz if you reallly think about it.... whats better than existing.... being conscious... if you believe EVERY SINGLE SOUL that dies goes to heaven wouldnt that create a world of people that have different backrouns which creates groups which makes disputes which causes havoc... heaven would be the same as this word..... if you believe that that cannot happen in heaven think about lucifer and 1/3 of heavens ligions who were there befor

    thoughts? comments? questions?
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    sorry abour all the typos.... was just typing really fast
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    Dude come on, fix your typos. I can't even read this.

    Oh and God is always capitalized, it is the name of something after-all.
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    This does not meet the Philosophy Forum requirements:


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