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The link between electricity and magnetism

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    Hey everyone,
    I have a few questions. What is the link between electricity and magnetism? Why would moving electrons(current) create a magnetic feild? Why does a moving magnetic feild induce a current in a conductor?

    Thanks for responces.
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    Wow! *head explodes*

    This is an extremely good question, and fun to answer at whatever level you intended it. If you're just asking exactly how electromagnetics behave, I would answer by talking about Maxwell's equations, explaining that changing electric fields produce magnetic fields and vice versa, and so on.

    If you're asking, at a slightly more philosophical level, why electricity and magnetism are related by a small set of simple equations, I would talk about Einstein and special relativity and show how electricity and magnetism are in fact exactly the same force, looked at from different points of view (but this requires talking about time dilation and things like that).

    If you're asking, at a very philosophical level, why electromagnetism "is", and why these formulas would happen to work out this way in a universe, I would suggest that someone else talk to you about field theories, and symmetries, and stuff I know little about.

    Please choose, but choose wisely.
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