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The mohawks are everywhere

  1. Sep 8, 2005 #1
    Is it just me or is the mohawk looking pretty cool lately?
    I've been thinking about growing a dark red one, I don't understand this impulse, oh God please help me!
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  3. Sep 8, 2005 #2
    one of my good friends from summer camp had a mohawk. her's was pink. it was really cute. she even had a punk day at camp, and gave some of the campers mohawks... they definetly seem to have come back in style quite a bit. The other day i saw a kid with a green one that was huge. his hair was like a foot long, it was insane.
  4. Sep 8, 2005 #3
    Please seek professional help immediately.
  5. Sep 8, 2005 #4
    Nah, dude. Mohawks are the new bowl cut. They're everywhere. They've totally lost their edge.
  6. Sep 8, 2005 #5
    If you're going for a full mohawk with the near shaven edges then go for it. If you mean the pathetic David Beckam style mohawk then I'd forget it because it's just plain lame.
  7. Sep 9, 2005 #6
    This opinion is 100% correct (because I agree with it).
  8. Sep 9, 2005 #7
    Forget Mohawks, go for a liberty hawk instead!

    Don't know what a liberty hawk is? - here's a hint
  9. Sep 9, 2005 #8
    A sideways mohawk at the top of the head going from ear to ear would be the most awesomest hair ever.
  10. Sep 9, 2005 #9
    :rofl: I'd love to see that!! It would be good for a laugh
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