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Homework Help: The molar heat of combustion for phenol

  1. Jun 12, 2007 #1
    You burn 103.4 mg of phenol in a calorimeter of heat capacity 1,483 J K-1 and the temperature rises by 1.83 oC. Determine the molar heat of combustion for phenol in kJ mol-1. The molar mass of phenol is 94.12 g mol-1

    Ccal=deltaH/ deltaT

    This is what I did.


    What did I do wrong... any help would be appreciated. thanks!
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    Your equation calls for deltaT, so that means the change in temperature.

    You were given deltaT in the question. Remember that 1 degree Celcius = 1 degree Kelvin, so the difference of two temperatures will be the same on either scale.
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    Hey Thanks... thats helpful... I got the answer to the answer right thanks a heap!
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