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  1. Saharka

    Heat of combustión of a mixture of two substances?

    Hello chemists, need some help here. I'm trying to calculate the power output of a certain otto cycle using different fuels, specifically gasoline, ethanol and different combinations of the two like 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline or 50% ethanol and 50% gasoline. However I have found it difficult...
  2. Stephanus

    Methane production

    Dear PF Forum, I'm interested in composting. I want to understand the benefit of composting. Besides Reducing organic waste Producing fertilizer This composting process also produce energy (methane) if properly managed. I wonder how, without oxygen addition/introduction, in a sealed composter...
  3. Stephanus

    Heat of Combustion, Enthalpy

    Dear PF Forum, I have read this link in Wiki. But I don't understand what it means. Can someone help me? A: Heat of combustion of CH4 is 50.09 MJ/kg B: Enthalpy of...