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Homework Help: The Parallel Plate Capacitor and Gauss Law?

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    The Parallel Plate Capacitor and Gauss Law???

    I really do not understand these two things. I read like every single book on this things but still am a lot confused about these two concepts. Can anyone explain me in the most simplest terms of all??? I would really appreciate that. What is this electrci flux in Gauss Law? Please anyone...
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    Do you at least understand the proofs and derivations?
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    If someone tries to explain things "from scratch," there's a good chance they'll just do it the same way your books did, and you won't understand it either (like you didn't understand the books), and they'll have wasted their time.

    How about if you quote or summarize an explanation from one of your books, and tell us what you don't understand about it? Then it will be more likely that someone can say something that helps you.
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