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The sound frequency of two metals?

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    Have any studies been done on the elastic properties of two unlike metals? I have noted a difference in the sound frequency of different horseshoes. Specifically, what is the effect of a horseshoe of one frequency striking a stake of another? I also assume that the speed of the strike is important, as well as the location struck. Are there any simple formula that provide answers? I am assuming that there is a direct correlation between frequency and vibration. Thank You
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    The frequency of the sound an object makes is a function of the elasticity of the object, it's geometry, and its mass. Two of those three are, of course, material properties. For a guitar string, the calculation is easy becaue it is essentially one-dimensional. For more complex objects, it can get quite difficult to calculate the frequency of vibration.
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    Thank You, Russ...
    I am trying to determine if a cast or forged horseshoe is more lively and thus, prone to bouncing off of a stake. Later this year I will be using a high speed camera to see where the horseshoe hits the stake and when it bounces back. Finally, can a shoe be designed to bounce the shoe to the hooks? Thank you for your response.
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