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Thermal Simulation Software (Flixo vs Therm)

  1. Jan 18, 2012 #1
    Hey All,

    Have any of you ever worked with thermal software such as Flixo and Therm? I'm having a problem with U-Value calculations differing between the two programs, and I would really liek to get to the bottom of why.

    What I'm thinking:

    I am coming up with some ideas based on some vague information from both parties (flixo and therm). It is looking like therm does not take heat flux into account when it calculates the U-Value through a section of a cross section. However, even when I do not consider heat flux in Flixo...they still arrive at different values.

    Im hoping someone has experience with these programs! Please help!

    Thank you
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  3. Sep 17, 2016 #2
    Is there anyone who can show me how to calculate thermal bridge at the corners - FLIXo?
    Best regards
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