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Thermistors calculation of base resistance

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    Using the regression eqn. Find the base resistance of the thermistor.
    Find the temp. Of the boiling water using this eqn.


    How do I go about solving this problem
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    Is this homework?

    Plot the equation for temperatures from 0 to 100°C and study it's shape.

    What is meant by the base resistance of the thermistor?
    Is Y the resistance?
    Is x the temperature?
    What was the thermistor resistance when in the boiling water?

    Can you put the resistance into the equation?
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    The resistance value of a thermistor at a specified temperature with negligible electrical power to avoid self heating. Usually base resistance will be defined at 25 °C.
    Its a NTC looking shape
    I think Y is resistance
    X is temp.
    Not sure

    At 100C: R= 0.08

    Could I plug in 25 C and solve for Y?? .
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    You need to find out for sure.
    If x is resistance and y is temperature then you need to plug in the resistance to get the temperature.
    R= 0.08 ohms is a very low resistance. It is so low that it would be very hard to measure accurately.
    You cannot build a reliable answer if you cannot be sure of the numbers and the units.
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