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Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics at the same time

  1. Oct 7, 2012 #1
    I'm a junior chemical engineering major. How much overlap is there between stat mech and engineering theromdynamics? I was thinking about taking both next semester assuming they are not too similar. Are the topics different enough to warrant taking them at the same time?
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    king vitamin

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    You should talk to the stat mech professor. It really depends on what the professor chooses to cover. I would guess they'd complement each other really well though.
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    if you passed general physics you can pass both at the same time. All I remember for engineering thermo was looking at steam tables. In chemical thermo AKA stat mech it was all partition functions.
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    I'm doing intermediate E&M and plasma physics at the same time, it's not ideal but it's doable.
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    Thanks, I'll ask the professor. They tend not to respond though.

    For the stat mech class, my school uses "Thermal Physics" by kittel if that tells you anything.


    Also, my concern isn't that it will be too hard. I'm just wondering if the courses are too similar to make it worth taking both
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