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Thermodynamics/Phase Equilibrium

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    Given Data:

    triple point of water (.006 atm, .0075ºC).
    density of water = 1 g/cm^3
    latent heat of fusion = 6000 J/mol (at normal melting temperature)


    Calculate the density of ice?

    I assumed there is 1 mol of water, thus the volume is .01802 L.

    To calculate the density of ice I need to find the accompanying change in volume from liquid to solid. From my textbook, the only equation which relates liquid - sold phase equilibrium as a variation of temp and pressure is:

    Pressure = deltaH/deltaV*ln(T) + constant

    This seems useful but im still not sure if it's the right equation.
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    Nevermind the equilibrium line separating phases is linear so I solved dP/dT = deltaH/(T)(delta V) (clapeyron). and then solved for density.
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