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Thermodynamics & PV work relationships

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    Hi all, studying for a physical chemistry exam tomorrow morning and I'm getting really confused. I am hoping somebody has an easy to understand explanation of How alot of this stuff works.

    specifically the relationships between ΔH, ΔU, q & W and constan P,V & T
    i.e. if P is constant how these relate VS If T is constant.

    I understand the derivations of Heat transfer for constant P=constant and V= constant; as well as Wrev and wirr

    also, I know the ΔU=w+q and dH=dU+d(pv)....is this last one the trick to finding U and H for given process?

    I guess i dont really have a question, just pumping so much stuff into my head its all spinning around in circles and hoping someone can provide a couple statements that get me back on track.

    Maybe a good place to start is if you could clearly explain when/where/why Δ_=0 for some of the above, i think maybes that where i getting all mixed up.

    As always I really appreciate you helpful folks on this forum! Thanks.
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