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Thermostat controller for plug-in heater?

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    I have a magnetic-mount heater (300 to 400 degF output) that I want to put on a pump that I wish to protect from freezing weather. However, considering that there are various components on the pump that are only rated up to 185 and 200 degF, I'd like to add some sort of temperature control regulator that will kill power to my heater if it gets the pump body too hot. I was thinking something like this (http://incubatorwarehouse.com/plug-n-play-digital-thermostat.html), but I need a higher wattage capacity. It is a standard 120V convenience plug that powers the heater, and I highly prefer to not change heaters. Thanks.
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    I reckon a Cylinder Thermostat from a central heating system should do what you want. The ones I have seen are double throw so there is a contact that' breaks' above the set temperature. Cheap and available - plus it will stick straight on your tank and make good thermal contact.
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