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Thickness of materials in space?

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    How thick would a 4'x8' aluminum plate need to be to hold 1 atmosphere in space?

    What about a 4'x8' sheet of glass?
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    What have you tried so far? Googling 'plate theory' would be a good start.
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    It needs to be a lot thicker and heavier when it is a flat piece of material. That's why you don't see many flat surfaces on pressurized vessels... :smile:
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    Yeah, that's why I'm having a tough time finding any information on the subject. I've found online calculators for cylinders, domes, elliptical arcs, pretty much anything that isn't flat - but I'm wondering if you were to build a massive structure with 4'x8' panels as a relatively small portion of it (not that they would be a complete wall, but that they would comprise maybe 3 degrees of a larger arced surface (or some other arbitarily massive structure for space).
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