Thickness or Ga. of Stainless steel water tank?

  1. How do you calculate the thickness or guage of a given metal (304 Stainless Steel for example) for a 36" dia. round, vertical cylinder water holding tank? If filled say the tank would be 25-30 feet tall. No physical pressure (pumps or vacuum) on this vessel (vented to atmosphere). Flat bottom, not a bulkhead style base. Not sure if water temp matters but for the sake of measurements if needed. Let say an air temp of 80 deg. F. and a water temp of 130 deg. F. also not sure if it matters but elevation at roughly 1000ft. above sea level.
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  3. one possibility is to detremine the inner and outer dia s

    and its for sure the pressure changes significantly wrt temperatures and head
    for the described situation it may nt be of great concern
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