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Thinking algorithms and how to amplify analytical methods in daily life

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    I am an engineering student. I am an average student. I dont think my methods of analysis and thinking are proper. I did take steps to improve my thinking abilities by becoming a left-handed person, solving sudoku and lateral thinking puzzles.

    I wanna be a scientist in my life. But i heard that scientists solve problems on mind and write equations in thin air. i tried them and failed absolutely.

    can we solve problems (like integral calculus,differential equations,etc) with little practice , like scientists do?

    kindly suggest me some links or methods through which i can improve my cognitive skills to face non-linear and tough problems like engineers( and scientists) do.
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    Solving random logic puzzles isn't really that useful. It's just a waste of time and for the most part useless unless you intend to kill time. The only point I see of solving logic puzzles is if you can win prizes with them, are trying to prove a mathematical theorem with them, or are trying to show off to a friend, and all of these instances are quite rare, so don't bother really.

    Instead, try to think about everyday events in a scientific manner. Such as asking question... why did this happen? why did I do this? how does this work? what can I do to fix this?

    Basically, questions beginning with a "why" or "how".

    Regarding mathematics,
    Also, try to process equations in your head when you are in the bathroom, sleeping, or when you are alone walking in the street. In those moments your mind is usually very calm and that is when it can produce the most. Not when it is super stressed out at the desk.

    And to improve engineering, try to build stuff.

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