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Time dilation in relation to earth time

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    So I was watching a tv show when an idea jsut popped into my head, If lets say a space ship left point A on earth at (for arguments sake) 1000MPH and was to reach point B (5000 miles away) in 5 hrs. Now due to time dilation the ship itself only took 3.5 hrs to get there due to lack of gravitational presence the trip was a shorter time. Now my question is on earth does it still take 5 hrs to get there or does it actually only take 3.5 hrs and further does that mean that lack of gravity=increase in relative velocity?
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    Velocity is distance over time. A change in gravity changes relative time and so changes the relative velocity.

    The ship still takes 5 hours to get there no matter how you look at it, because you defined the ship as traveling at 1000MPH over 5k miles.

    Relativity is the result of our definitions of time and space.
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