Time, energy, information constants

  1. hello, i'm not a physicist, just a goofy gent with some far fetched ideas

    is it safe to say that all the energy and matter in the universe has been constant since big bang?

    would it be ok to assume that all the time and information has also been constant since the big bang?

    Been thinking about the creation and destruction of information and have concluded that the total amount of information in the universe never changes, is that goofy?

    Same goes for time, all the time that was and will be was created in the big bang as well.

    what defines the perimeter of the universe, time, information or energy, or can all of these be tied together with an underlying theory?
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  3. So far, no one has witnessed an event in which the law of conservation of energy was "disobeyed", so I say that yes - it is safe to say that the energy and matter has been constant so far. However, I don't know exactly what you mean by time being constant. Time keeps passing.

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    The total energy may be increasing. Dark energy density seems to be constant - thereful total dark energy increases with increasing volume of space.
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    Unfortunately, in curved spacetimes there is no general global definition of energy. Here are a couple of nice FAQs on the topic:


    The theory that underlies modern cosmology is GR. In that theory the universe does not have a perimeter.
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