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Time Independent Rotational Kinematics equation?

  1. Nov 17, 2005 #1
    Time Independent Rotational Kinematics equation???

    Ok i was trying to figure out the angular acceleration for a problem, but i didn't have the time...so the book said to use the "time independent rotational kinematics equation" but i couldn't find it in the book anywhere or even on the net...soooooo if anyone has any idea bout this, it'd be great, cause i have a massive test in like 10 hrs and i'm pulllin an all nighter so i'll be back to check this later......THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If you have trouble with a problem, why don't you post it. In the Homework section. You'll get much more feedback and help then since it gives something concrete to help you with. I've never heard of time-independent rotational kinematics equations, but if I see the problem I might get an idea about what you're talking.
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