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Time Travel

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    It is expected that time travel is quite possible. Time was not created by itself, time was created by man. We have clocks, alarm, watches, etc. We have made time. If man never discovered about time, what would happen? Kids would be late for school. Parents would be late for work. Time is time. However, you can change it.

    You just need to exceed the speed of light. It could be from a really fast spaceship, or a vehicle. But i suppose, having super fast spaceships could be some years away from us.
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    Sometimes I wonder why I bother, but here goes: Time was not created by Man. It is the fourth dimension of a multi-dimensional universe, an integral, inseparable component of the space-time continuum. Man merely figured out how to measure it, keep track of it, and generally make it a nuissance to those of us who don't like to get up early for work.
    And spaceships as fast as, or faster than, light are absolutely impossible. There are dozens of threads in a couple of different forums around here that deal extensively with both subjects. Give them a good read, and pay particular attention to all of the posts by anyone who has the title 'Mentor', or 'Guru' or 'Science Advisor' in his/her avatar box. If it says 'Aviator', ignore it.
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    Time is a man-made concept , no doubts to that one. The question is if time is man-made , then maybe time-travel is as unnatural as the time itself. The past cannot be proved, the future cannot be predicted showing that its all inside us , and probably does not exist in the universe around us.

    Popsci time-travel is not possible , even not in years to come, its my word. But time-travel concept on a small scale has been understood to a good extent.The 'cause' taking place after the 'effect' is not possible , not till we exceed the speed of light.
    All we need to time-travel is to know of the world where 'effect' takes place before the 'cause' .

    Till then , the speed of light remains a barrier for us for all our popsci aspirations , certainly einstein taught us the serious way of looking at things , making popsci less popular.
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    Kids would still learn, from less to more.
    Parents still would work (progress?) and age.

    Another way to look at is when an egg falls from your table, it cracks and splatters all over the floor. If you were to video tape the egg doing this and play it backwards, you'd see it go from the floor back onto the table. Physics (Natural Law) allows this, but entropy doubts it.

    Time is a bit more than just that, but that's a sum of it.
    Entropy increases, and your egg would splatter - no matter if you had a clock or had the idea of an ever progressing time.

    Also, you can travel into the future, relative to anothers motion. You don't even have to get that close(.6c should do!) to the speed of light to do so (Exceeding the speed of light is currently agreed on as impossible).
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    good luck attempting to exceed the speed of light. You now have more than infinite mass ....

    i think the only way time travel would ever be possible is personal time travel in the form of relativity (again going close to the speed of light) .. but if you say this is true then it is also basically true that cryrogenic freezing is a form of personal time travel.

    We cannot go back in time ... :P
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    Danger answered this one. That's all there is to say on this idea unless you plan to propose a complete different model of how the universe works.
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