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TOOLS? For measuring surface friction?

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    TOOLS??? For measuring surface friction?

    Are there any good tools out there for measuring the friction of a surface such as a road or ice or other surfaces?
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    Re: TOOLS??? For measuring surface friction?

    There is a simple way to measure friction using an incline plane. To find a critical angle adjust the angle of the plane until an object starts to slide. The coefficient of friction between the object and the inclined plane would proportional to a trig function of the critical angle.
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    Re: TOOLS??? For measuring surface friction?

    What if I can't put ice on an incline?

    I'm talking over 20 feet of ice, in a contained space. I think the main issue would be to see if the ice maintains relatively the same friction.

    Because of the size of the container and the amount of ice I doubt I could place it on an incline.
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