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Topic about autoroute in PCB designing

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    Hi everyone:
    I am new to PCB design, I want to how know often do you use autoroute, or just route the trace manually.
    Someone tell me that, they route most of the traces automatically and then modify it manually.
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    It really depends on the scope of the board and the software you are using. All the free PCB layout software I have used have rubbish auto-routing features. Though more expensive software such as PADS have respectable auto-routing features that you could go back and correct any problems you see.

    If you are just making a simple 2-8 layer board with free PCB software (PCB123, ExpressPCB, PCBArtist) I would recommend routing it yourself, it can be a rewarding experience. If you are making a much denser more complex board in software such as PADS I would recommend letting the auto-router have a go at it and then look over it.

    Hope this helps!
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    How do you think about the auto-router in Cadance and Altium Designer
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