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Looking for an electric circuit diagram of pcb assembly treadmill drive

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    Hi ! Im looking for a electric diagram of pcb assembly treadmill drive SERIAL:0004-03052. The name of the treadmill Quinton Clubtrack 510 plus . I have already found Service and User Manual for it but , there nothing specific in it.
    I need this diagram , because I want to fix an error E211 , which is really annoying . The service manual says that it can be a problem with motor or with VSD and it must be replaced, but the motor works fine , so im thinking there is something wrong with VSD. But it is too expensive for me to buy the new one so im trying to find where is the main problem with it and fix it .
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    Just curious. Did you test the motor while under load? And how did you test it?
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    Yeah , the motor is good , because i normally use the treadmill for my own use. But i can't for example set up a running program and i have to do it all manually.
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    I use to maintain a variety treadmills at a friends fitness center and none of the manufacturers had schematics available. So you probably won't find one to troubleshoot your treadmill. What I did was to look at the board, find the motor driving circuit and start probing voltages in this area; as most times error codes were because of problems were from the high-current/power components (even though it may look like a logic problem because you can't set up a program). If you are successful in finding a failed component, the next problem is finding a replacement.

    But unless you have experience in these rather high current DC drives, I'd stay away from it. Can be very dangerous.

    Does the manual give an address to where you could send circuit boards for repair? Or a number to call where you can find out where to send/take a board for repair? I've done that before. Would be much safer for you.
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    I wanted to try to find a failed component and replace it if i find a replacement for it , because it's a cheaper way to do it . Of course if i do it correctly . I think I can send circuit boards for repair , but right now I'm trying to do something by myself . I'll consider all posibilities. Anyway thank you for the help :)
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    jim hardy

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    this errror ?


    What happens when you try the instructions at bottom of page 27,
    "Open Loop Grade Check" ?
    Will it raise and lower the treadway?

    If so, look underneath for a mechanical link to something that reports actual angle of tilt to the computer.
    But -
    Unplug the machine first so your fingers are not around those remorseless moving parts.
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