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Homework Help: Topic for Introductory physics project/case study

  1. Apr 15, 2012 #1
    We're having a case study project in our intro physics class. We can choose from the ff. topics: kinematics, Newton's laws, momentum, energy, gravitation, SHO, waves, and fluid mech.

    We are to investigate a case of physical phenomena which exhibits the theories we have studied in class. This study is supposed to be more extensive than our laboratory experiments.

    I've toyed around many topics but everything seems very simple. For instance: calculating the value of g using a simple pendulum, or empirical proof of the relationship between a physical and simple pendulum.

    I'm desperate for something fun and interesting and not very easy. I have no ideas left on what to do. Please do suggest.
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    It is always stated "A pendulum displays/undegoes Simple Harmonic Motion provided the amplitude is small". With SHM, the Period is independent of the amplitude.

    You may like to investigate how big the amplitude can be before you can be certain that the Period has changed.
    Note: if you measured the period of a pendulum, even with small amplitude, you will get a small range of answers due to the uncertainties in measurement and your own inability to conduct the experiment exactly - that is why you need to establish you are CERTAIN that the Period has changed when you made the amplitude big enough.
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