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I Torque-Free Precession and Wobble direction

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    In Torque-Free Precession of a plate, can the direction of the Wobble be either in the spin direction or retrograde to it?

    For instance if you tossed the plate upward vs downward with the same spin direction. Would the wobble direction and frequency be inverse?
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    I am not sure that understood your question correctly, but anyway you are asking about the Euler top. Try textbooks
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    Hmm... I was asking more about Feynman's Wobbling Plate. Feynman said he observed the wobble at half the spin rate, but his equation says it's 2 wobbles per spin. Could both be true? From what I've read the wobble to spin ratio is determined by the size and shape, with the caveat as long as the amplitude is not too large. What happens when the amplitude is too large?
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    yes, it is a special case of the Euler top
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    So is this the difference between torque free precession = 2 wobble/1retrograde spin, vs roll or pure precession = 1wobble/1spin in same direction or zero spin?
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