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Homework Help: Torsion in statically indetermined beam

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    the beam below is subjected to a single torque of Mt=10KNm at its centre, G=80GPa

    find the distribution of the torque between the 2 components of the central cross section


    what i have done in similar questions (where i have had one free end) i have chosen T1 and T2 - the relative torque in each of the components and solved using dϕ/dx,- using the fact that the angle of twist from x=1m to x=0.8m must be the same for both components i could solve for T1 and T2 because in all the cases i have solved i knoew that T1+T2=Mt,
    in this question i am not sure this is the case since Mt is not the internal Torque in this cross section,
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    Have you considered the reactions, and the observation that the problem has symmetry?
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