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Tough decision to be made guys

  1. Mar 20, 2013 #1
    Dear chemistry and engineering peers,

    I attend a ____________ university and am enrolled in what I thought was a three by two degree plan with a neighboring engineering university(my school doesn't have engineering). I'm a chemistry major that plans on getting a dual degree in both chemistry and chemical engineering. Well this is my last semester at blanc university and I've been informed by the engineering school that it'll take me another three years to finish because of some Bull*Y*( math model 1 hour credit class that's a prereq.

    1) Follow through with the three by "three" and just suck it up. Possibly coop for a semester.

    2)Stay at my school and get my remaining 29 hours in my biochemistry curricula and go to get a masters in grad school. From what I've seen it'll take two years.

    3)join the military full time lol

    What do the professionals think? I'm just worried about my future. I'm not a genius by any means(3.3 GPA).
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    My $0.02:

    These days, a chemistry degree is a tough sell in the job market. I'm not sure about biochemistry but it's nowhere near as marketable as a chemical engineering. I advise you to stick it out, go with the "3 X 3", get your ChemE degree and get it behind you.
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