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Toxiciology (spell?)

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    I heard of a patient who 18 years ago picked up a dead bomb on his way home. He lived in the countryside, poor people with poor knowledge. He opened the case then the yellow smoke came out making him unconscious. Waking up later that night, he found himself on the bed in a nearby hospital. Now he is fine, but since then he gave birth to children that have only one leg, one hand, with fingers, toes damaged, mishaped completely the children's bodies.
    But still the father is fine.
    Have his testicles been damaged or his sperms malfunctioned ?

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    How did you "hear" of this person? Was it in the news, or someone you know, or rumor?

    There are substances that are known as teratogens, which means they cause mutations in the germ cells (sperm and egg) and can result in birth defects (severity varies). But, there's no way to say if that is the case with this person you heard about without knowing what he was exposed to. It could be entirely unrelated to that chemical exposure. For example, when parents are older when they have children, there is also a higher risk of birth defects from chromosomal abnormalities (often, non-disjunction).
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    Thanks MoonBear for your informative explanation

    The poor old man is on my mind not only because of his family's problem but also his economic situation. After knowing his infection, the authorities promised to support him financially till the rest of his life (say $700/month) but every month he gets only ~$50, not enough to feed his children. They reason that there are 'some fee' that must be spent e.g transfer, gasoline, service, etc.

    He is now only 42 years old, people in the farm in my country get married very soon (it used to be around 15-16 10 years ago and now it is 19-20)
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